04 Jan

How to set up Perfect Player to run sasiptv IPTV and EPG on Android devices

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How to set up Perfect Player to run sasiptv-IPTV and EPG on Android devices and how to add logos to the EPG guide


First download Perfect Player from the Playstore or download the apk from here


  • Open Perfect Player
    Press 3 line button on remote or long press OK if you have no 3 line button
    (On touch screen device press back)
    Select far right setting option
    Select General
    Select Playlist 1
    Enter the M3u url replacing ********and ********** with the Username + Password you received in you’re new account information from sasiptv
  • http://*************:8000/get.php?username=*****&password=*****&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8
  • Make sure m3u is selected (blue dot to left)
    Enter sasiptv as name
    Select OK
  • Now select EPG 1
  • http://********************.co.uk/EPG/tvguide2.xml
  • Make sure xmltv is selected (blue dot)
  • To change time zone Change Shift : 0 to required time (drop down menu to right)
  • Change Download if no data on current date to Download once a day (drop down menu to right)
  • Select OK
  • Select Playback
    Select Decoder
    Make sure Hardware is selected (blue dot)
  • Go to perfect player main screen and channel list and EPG should load if all URLs are correct
  • To enable the EPG
  • When Perfect Player is loaded and you have a Channel list to the left as in picture
  • Press 3 line button on your remote or long press OK if you have no 3 line button
    A menu will pop up
    Select show EPG


  • If you are on a touch screen device
    Touch the channel list name
    A little square will appear to the right of channel list name
    Touch that
    Select Show EPG
  • To save your settings
    Open Perfect Player settings menu
    Select Defaults
    Select Backup settings
    Select where you want to save settings
  • To restore settings
    Open Perfect Player settings menu
    Select Defaults
    Select Restore settings
    Select your backup file

A lot of people are now messaging saying it won’t work and all if not 9 out of 10 of them have been because their url’s are incorrectly typed

Perfect Player Club has 6 simple rules

  • 1: All url’s are case sensitive for usernames and passwords
  • 2: Use the username and password you were sent by the admin that sorted your account for you and check what it is not what you think it is as this leads to not checking url’s correctly (See rule 3)
  • 3: All url’s must be checked if nothing works
  • 4: When you have checked the url’s and nothing still works check them again
  • 5: When you find the mistake after checking for the third time smack yourself in the face with a wet fish for not spotting it first off
  • 6: Enjoy Perfect Player once you can see again from the smack in the face


First download logo pack v2 from here


Unzip the logo pack zip file

Place logo pack folder somewhere you will easily remember (I created a folder called Perfect Player and used that for my logo pack and Perfect Player backup file)

  • Open Perfect Player
    Make sure guide is set to all channels list
    Open Settings Menu
    Open General
    Open Logos directory
    Click on Folder icon on right hand side and navigate to and select the logos pack folder
    Once selected you should have a file path entered below Logos directory to the logo pack folder
    Select OK

Press Back once

  • Open Advanced
    Select Logos assign mode (tick in box)
    Left and right moves through the channel list
    Up and down moves through the logo list
    Highlight a channel to choose logo for
    Select correct logo from the list
    Do this for every logo (You can do them bit by bit)
    When you want to stop press back to go to settings menu
    Select Advanced
    Deselect Logos assign mode (untick box)
    Press back twice

Perfect Player should update and your logos should be assigned

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