There are two basic requirements to using the sasiptv IPTV Service.


  • Sufficient bandwidth.
  • Compatible hardware.

Broadband Speed Test for sasiptv IPTV

Before you purchase our IPTV Service please check that your internet speed is sufficient. You need your Internet download speeds to be at least 3Mbps

Click here to test your broadband speed.

Any less than 3 Mbps is going to be an extremely frustrating IPTV experience.




Once the page has loaded, Click the Button at the Top that says “Begin Test.” will then begin to test your upload and download speeds.

You will need a Minimum of 3Mbps download speed to run the SD Streams and between 5-8 Mbps for HD/FHD.



As you can see from the test above there is more then enough Bandwidth available. The test was done using Telkom LTE.

Hardware Requirement’s 

sasiptv IPTV runs on pretty much anything.

  • Perfect Add-on for Kodi and if you purchase your Streaming Box from us it will come pre-reconfigured with the Streams and EPG, Electronic program Guide. You can visit our store here for more Information and prices.
  • Runs on Smart TV’s.
  • Runs on Windows with various apps like Perfect Player and ProgTV.
  • Works with various apps like Perfect Player, XStream Codes and ProgTV on Android.
  • Works with most Mag Boxes.
  • Works with IPads, IPhones and Apple TV.


Please Visit our Tutorials Section for more information and view the Setup Guides on how to install sasiptv IPTV on your Device. There is a live Chat on the bottom right hand corner of this site. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For a detailed discussion on bandwidth requirements please read the following url.

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