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How does the service work?

Instead of using a Satellite Dish or TV antenna, you receive the signal over your Internet connection. This is known as Internet Protocol TeleVision or IPTV for short.

How does your system differ from using BBC/ITV players?

Firstly you do not need a UK IP / postal address or special apps downloaded. All of the channels are live, in real time and you watch them on your TV set, Kodi etc . You get a full programme menu. The experience is very similar to using a DSTV, just that sasiptv has a far better Channel Selection.

Does the system have a programme guide?

Yes, there is an excellent Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), giving you full and easy access to information about the TV programme schedule and other useful on-screen information. The programme times can be viewed relative to your local time zone, and you can set programme reminders.

Will the picture and sound quality be as good as my old Satellite TV system?

The picture quality is the best IPTV service available and depending on what the quality of broadcast you are watching. FHD, HD or SD. Most South African DSTV Channels are only in SD whereas with sasiptv you can choose FHD, HD or SD. Unlike most IPTV services the majority of our channels also have full Dolby stereo/surround sound.

What if I decide to change provider?

You are not committed to us in anyway and can cancel your subscription at anytime by logging into Paypal etc and cancelling your Recurring Payment.

Can I Watch Different Programs on Multiple TV sets or Devices?

Your Username & Password can only be active on one Device at time, unless you have a Multiroom license which allows your Username & Password to be used on two concurrent devices. With the single License you are not restricted to watching on only one device you can watch on your IPad and then your TV but only one device can be used at the same time.

What Channels Will I Receive & What Will It Cost?

Please visit our pricing on our home page https://www.sasiptv.com and for Channels please see our Channel List https://www.sasiptv.com/channel-list/

All our Channels are in English and are of the best Quality.

Will Your TV Service Work On My Internet Connection?

Our IPTV service will work anywhere in the world that has a good and reliable 3Mb (Minimum) internet connection with a recommended unlimited Download Quota.
To ensure you have no issues with our service, we recommend that you have at least 3Mb available internet speed at all times of the day. You can find out more in our Requirements Section.

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