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LazyIPTV – SASIPTV – Install Guide

Step by Step Guide

1 > Ok, Firstly we will need to head over to the playstore here & download the LazyIPTV apk>


2>Ok, now you’ve downloaded the application, open it up, this is what you will see >




  • 3>Ok, now we want to hit the ‘New PlayList’ tab in the top right corner, or hit the + icon – It performs the same function.
  • Now we can either enter the Url sent to us by sasiptv in the new account information, ‘From Internet”
  • Or you can download that same Url. it will be saved as an m3u8 playlist, which can be entered here also under ‘From File’
  • The simplest way is just to copy you’re details DIRECTLY from you’re sasiptv new a/c information, then hit… ‘From ClipBoard’ – Eliminating typo’s




  • 4>In this case, i’m going to use the URL, sasiptv kindly sent to me to test… then hit the ‘From Internet’ part.
  • Copy the Url sent to you in you’re new account information, with the correct username & password inserted, it should look like this(***** Replaced with you’re username & Password details)
  • http://*********:8000/get.php?username=*******&password=*********&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8
  • Now hit  ‘Save’ >














5>LazyIPTV will pick up the url, Insert it & will load up all the channels on the playlist, ready for you to enjoy,

(There are many more there, these are just sample screen shots)




  • 5>Now we need to load the Electronic Program Guide – This is simple on LazyIPTV especially if you utilize the copy & paste function on you’re device.
  • Copy the ‘EPG’ Url sent to you in you’re new account information.
  • This again, will eliminate any typos on entering the url into LazyIPTV
  • Ok, In the top left corner,(as in pic No2) you will see the three horizontal lines for the options, hit that & you will see the options drop down appear.
  • From here we are going to hit EPG >



  • 6>Now we are going to give our playlist a name, sasiptv, paste in the Epg Url that we copied from the sasiptv email & hit ‘Save’
  • Add comments if you wish, sometimes handy if you use many playlists.




7>This is where you will end up after hitting ‘Save’>



8>This is the Epg that you have just saved, we now simply need to hit the three little dots in the top right hand corner, to bring up the epg options

Here we want to hit Update EPG>



9>Ok now you will see LazyIPTV Updating the Epg to the current version with the latest information >



10>When it’s completed, just hit the epg at the top of the page once again(pic 8)

& you will see the sasiptv channels displaying, showing you whats currently on that channel>



11>Now hit the Specific channel you wish to see the programming for, (here we’ve picked 4Sev*n)

& LazyIPTV will bring up whats on & when >


Thats about it guys. LazyIPTV simple as Pie.

To customize or Adjust any setting to you’re own preference, just hit the three horizontal lines in the top left corner to bring up the option menu.




Here you can add, edit or delete lists, as well as set you’re layouts, colour schemes, edit epgs & whole lot besides.

Over all a really simple piece of kit, that does what it says on the tin….Plays IPTV 🙂


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