01 Aug

Install SASIPTV +The IPTV Apk(A.Sofronov)


The IPTV Apk for Android devices, is an easy to set up, straightforward IPTV media player. Suitable for SmartTv’s, SmartPhones, DroidBoxes & tablets. Live Streams on the move, anywhere. Follow the step by step tutorial below to get youre channels up & running quick & easy.

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1.Head over to the play store here & download IPTV(Alexander Sofronov)



2.Now go ahead & Install the IPTV Apk



3. Once Installed onto youre device, go ahead & open it up.

This is what you will see>




4. Now we want to hit ADD PLAYLIST or hit the + icon in the top right corner(as shown below/pic4)….a pop up will appear.

Here is where we want to enter our unique sasiptv Username & Passwordsent to us in our New Account Information email

(It will look like this>http://*******:8000/get.php?username=********&password=**********&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8)

By far the easiest way to do this is to copy the sasiptv Url sent to you, EDIT IN you’re unique Username & Password, then COPY & PASTE that directly

Here we can also give the playlist a name, i’m using sasiptv in this case.(Handy if using multiple playlists)

Please remember to replace the ******* with you’re unique sasiptv Username & Password in the url BEFORE you paste it into IPTV 

Finally…Hit OK >





5. Now the IPTV Apk will populate & you can will see all you’re channels there, we now need to add our Epg Live Tv Guide.

simply hit the three horizontal lines in the top left of you’re screen to bring up the settings menu


6. Hit Settings >



7. Then hit EPG Sources >



8. Now we want to enter the  sasiptv EPG url sent to us in the New Account Information email

It will look like this>http://*******************.co.uk/EPG/tvguide2.xml 

Again, copy & pasting the epg url avoids typo errors…..save yourself a headache & use it.

Finally hit OK




9. Now head back to the sasiptv Play list, with all you’re channels displayed >


10. Here I’ve selected SkySports HD >




Long Press on any channel you want & IPTV will pop up a context menu, with the EPG option there >



9. Hit the TV Guide

You will see you’re selected channels upcoming programming & other programme details >



10. If you would like adjust the display, Audio,Subtitle or use the tools during playback, just hit the three little dots in the top right corner tro bring up the menu below



And that’s pretty much it guys, IPTV by Alexander Safronov is a really straight forward Android IPTV application, that does exactly what it says on the tin…Plays IPTV Streams.

Enjoy the application guys & may the streams be with you.

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