05 Sep

How to Install sasiptv – Kodi – the easy way

Hi guys, how we doing today?

I thought it was time to show you the how to tutorial, for sasiptv onto you’re Kodi device…

It is obviously a paid service, but Free Trials are available.

All the streams are sourced from solid suppliers & are extremely reliable & come with back ups.

There are many other ways to get sasiptv onto any device you may own, be it a Samsung smartTv, LG, Or Sony, iPad, Android tablet….. It really doesn’t matter as alternative solutions are always available, tutorials on each system can be found here

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*Before we proceed any further, you will need the Username & Password sasiptv sent to you by email, after you registered for you’re free Trial, Or made you’re purchase



*You will also need the und3ad repo which contains dependecies + Updates required by sasiptv.

You will also need the SASREPO, containing the sasiptv Add-On.

*If you would prefer to Install from the source url, here they are>



Install the und3ad repo 1st, then the sasrepo, the process below applies to the installation of both repositories.


  1. To install from the source url simply head for File manager on the kodi home screen
  2. Now head for Add-Source
  3. Next we want hit None
  4. Next we want to enter our source url (http://und3ad.net/repo/)  & hit Done
  5. Now open up the lower box & enter a name for the source, und3ad hit Done
  6. Next head back to the kodi home screen & hit System
  7. Next we want to hit Add-Ons
  8. Now we want Install from zip file
  9. Ok, Now we want to hit the und3ad source
  10. Wait for the Add-On Enabled Notification
  11. That is und3ad installed.

  12. Now head for the home screen & hit System once again
  13. Now head for Add-Source
  14. Next we want hit None
  15. Next we want to enter our sasiptv source url ( http://repo.sasiptv.com/sasrepo/) & hit Done
  16. Now open up the lower box & enter a name for the source, ‘SASIPTV’
  17. Next head back to the kodi home screen & hit System
  18. Next we want to hit Add-Ons, once again
  19. Now we want Install from zip file
  20. Ok, Now we want to hit the SASREPO source
  21. Wait for the Enabled Notification
  22. Ok, now let’s head for Install from repository & hit SASVPN Kodi Repository
  23. Now we want the to hit the video Add-Ons 
  24. Next hit the SASIPTV Add-On & hit Install
  25. Wait for the Add-On Enabled

  26. Next to update the SASIPTV Add-On, hover over the SASIPTV icon & right click/long press to bring up the context menu
  27. Hit Information, then Update & select to update from und3ad 
  28. Now we can open up the SASIPTV Add-On
  29. You will now be asked to enter the user details, sent to you by sasiptv, Username + Password….  then hit Ok.
  30. (don’t worry if you get an initial user error, this is common, just hit the sasiptv icon once again & it will open up offering the full menu, or force stop Kodi, then re-open)
  31. You will now be taken to the Video Add-Ons Section, Where we can now open up the sasiptv Add-On & see the goodies within.
  32. Hit ConfigureLiveTv…
  33. Don’t forget to head back over to the System & enable the top tick box labelled TV….ENABLE IT- this will start pulling in all you’re channels & epg

*Any unexpected errors can be avoided by inserting the correct details…which are case sensitive guys

*Updating the ud3ad library in system, can fix things, if you are having any issues.

*You can find that here > System/Add-Ons/system/Dependencies/Und3ad Library


Here’s a quick look around the LiveTv Section 


That’s it guys, enjoy the Sd, HD & FHD streams 🙂

Some Free Trials are available on this one guys so give it a go.

  • Don’t forget to check out the ‘On Demand Section which contains replays of all the recent sporting events you may have missed from boxing to UFC or the latest Premiership games Or test match you may have missed. We have recently added Movies, TvShows, KidsMovies & 24/7 Tv Shows to our expanding Library.


  • Also, have a look inside the ‘Live Events Schedule’ within sasiptv’s Add-On guys, where you can find a list of all the upcoming sporting events…Times…and the Channel the’re showing on… pretty good but the best is yet to come…..


  • Head into the Live Events Section(linked)… just below the other ‘Live Events Section’. Here you will find a ton of sporting events from across the globe that are all lined up, linked in ready to play direct from here. All Sectioned off nice & neatly into the different sporting categories –*This schedule is not only for today, but also for tomorrow & the next Five days!!!


  • We also provide a 7 Day Sporting Schedule, to help you find what you need rapidly as well as a LiveEvents Schedule on the main site, updated daily.


  • Don’t forget to check out our Brand NEW Forum here guys, full of handy TipsNTricks


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