21 Dec

How to configure LiveTv + EPG for SASIPTV-1 Click Auto-Install for kodi/Xbmc


Hi guys, today we will show you a great new function that our developers have implemented,

to make life easier for you to set up you’re LiveTv, complete with a full EPG, already configured in 1 click.

No more saving favourites, then lining them up in what ever guide you may be using. Boring, laborious stuff……This way, you hit ‘configure’ we do the rest.

The sasrepo contains not only the sasiptv Add-On, but also The kodi speed tester, SASOpenElec Client.

You will obviously need to download the sasrepo, which you can find here,

If you Prefer to Install from source, here it is ( http://repo.sasiptv.com/sasrepo/repository.sasrepo-1.0/repository.sasrepo-1.0.zip )

You can type this directly into the file manager.

The relevent tutorial on Installing the sasrepo, or any of the Add-Ons within, can be found here guys.

Ok, lets have a look at the sasiptv Add-On.

Once installed from the above repository & you’ve entered the details that were sent to you by sasiptv on sign up, for you’re account or trial.

1 >To get to the recently Installed sasiptv Add-On simply head for the kodi home screen & hit Videos, on the main ribbon menu>




2 > Ok, when you open up the Videos Section head for Video Add-Ons >




3 > Now, navigate to the sasiptv Add-On you Installed at an earlier time >




4 > Ok now hit that & open it up >




4 > Ok, so now we can see the options within, we want to head straight for ‘Configure Live Tv‘,(as shown above)

hit that & you will see the PVR Notification pop up. just click OK here.



Ok, that will have automatically configured you’re Simple PVR client for you.

All you need to do now, is enable the TV option in kodi, & you will see the 350+ channels being pulled in automatically.

To do that, follow these simple steps…


5 > Ok, head back to the kodi home screen, & head for system>



6 > Now we want to head for TV >




7 > Ok, now hit the TV option.

Right at the top you will see the Enabled‘ option…

Tick that & you will see you’re PVR client starting & at the bottom & the Epg  pulling in across the top >




And that is SASIPTV LiveTV configured & ready to go.

Here’s how the home screen should now look, with the TV option clearly displayed on the main ribbon >



Please allow a few minutes for the guide to populate. There’s a lot of cinformation there & we have seen a small delay,

The channels are all listed & viewable from the TV Channels Option as the screen shot below.

These are just an example of the range of Uk, USA & Canadian channels available >



To access the Epg guide, simple go to the kodi home screen, just underneath the TV section on the main ribbon, you will see Guide, hit that >



While we are here, I thought we could also check out the LiveTV Section >


 And that’s it guys…

Enjoy you’re SD HD Or FHD Streams on you’re device…from anywhere in the world.


Price lists  can be found right here on the Pricing page, network minimum requirements are in the FAQ Section

Our Channel List can be found here.

Monthly Quartery & Annual deals available + we still have a limited amount of Free Trials….. so why not try before you buy?

sasiptv are always available online to assist, pls do not hesitate to contact a member of the team at any time, if you are in  neeed of assistance.

*sasiptv also have their own KODI/XBMC Repositiory & Add-On with fully automated Electronic Program guide for easy installations, read more about that here.

Don’t forget you can follow us on Twittier here, Or on Facebook here.

if online security/privacy is of interest to you, please head for our sister company SASVPN who can provide you with an encrypted connection,  to ensure ALL of you’re online traffic remains private.


Thanks for Reading & we hope you join us on sasiptv soon, you won’t look back.

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