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How to configure you’re PVR iptv simple client for KODI & add you’re sasiptv Streams

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 How to configure you’re PVR iptv simple client for KODI & add you’re sasiptv Streams



Alternatively, follow this Set up guide for Build user’s>

1. Go to Settings, add ons, My Add ons, PVR clients
2. Go to PVR IPTV Simple Client
3. Make sure the enable/disable tab shows DISABLE
4. Go to Settings
5. Click where it says M3U Play list URL
6.The box will be empty, just enter the Url you received in you’re New account information email> http://#*#*#*#*#*#*#:8000/get.php?username=*********&password=***********&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8
6. Replace the “**********” next to username and password with your details and click ok
7. Click the EPG settings Tab on the right
8. The URL will be blank, so enter the sasiptv EPG Url you  received in your new account information>http://#*#*#*#*#*#*#.uk/EPG/tvguide2.xml
9. LEnsure you tick the ‘Aplly timeshift to all channels’ option & leave all other settings & hit OK.
10. Now go back one step & hit ‘ENABLE’
11. TV guide will now appear on main menu, let the EPG load before entering the guide, give this a few minutes…there are a lot of channels.
***Note: if the epg doesn’t populate, go to settings/PVR&LiveTv/general and click clear data

Don’t forget to check out our Kodi Repository, with a fully automated EPG Guide & super easy set up.

You can read more about that here.



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31 Mar 2017

Streaming & Downloading – Explained

Hi guys, today we will attempt to explain world of streaming.

Firstly you must first understand the process of how files are downloaded and shared. Here we will will take you through the basics of what a Torrent is, and how it works, what a Kodi Add-On does, and what do the the different stream qualities actually mean.

Firstly we will discuss the difference between a Torrent and a download.
A Torrent file contains metadata that points a user to other users who have the files you are searching for. You pull a portion of the file from many users at once (up to 100 peers) as this utilizing much less bandwidth. A download is when you pull a file from a single source/pc. Torrents are typically pulled from p2p (Peer2Peer) programs where a download can be from a third party program or from a website.

Terms Explained 

*Seeder – Those who have the entire file and share the portions peers are missing to complete the download.

A seed (file) is broken down into smaller bits or pieces and then are distributed to peers trying to download the file.

Once a peer completes the download of a portion of the file, they can then immediately share the piece of the file for others to download.

It is imperative to have more Seeders than Leechers in a community to continue to feed the masses.

Think of it as shared wealth and the more money in the economy the more people are willing to spend and everyone benefits from this.

*Leechers – Those who do not have the entire file and are actively downloading bits or pieces of the file.

Leechers are able to download and upload at the same time to feed the community.

A Leecher can also describe a member who does not share or upload the completed portions of the file after they have downloaded it.

Peer – A system connected to another system in a specific network that shares files (peer-to-peer). If you have a network of peers, this is referred to as a “swarm”.

BitTorrenting is the peer-to-peer sharing of bits or pieces of a large file to complete a download rather quickly. As mentioned above you can download from up to 100 sources all at once which dramatically cuts the download time as compared to downloading from a single source. One thing to note is you cannot view the file until all “bits” have been downloaded as the file is incomplete.

To download Torrents anonymously you need to utilize a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is exactly what it sounds like a private network that allows you to connect to public networks. This allows those connected to share data remotely and is widely used in the corporate world to allow employees to access data on servers while protecting the integrity of the data. This is also widely used in the torrent world because of the anonymity it can provide.

The way a VPN works is by replacing your IP Address by an IP Address associated with the VPN Company.
I.E: you could be in London and connect to a VPN server in Los Angeles. Now google search ‘whats my IP address…you will see it showing you are in L.A. This is a great way to get around geo-location when trying to use services such as Netflix or Amazon Movies that only work in your home country + the range of content in the USA is vastly superior to any other country giving you many more options.
*VPN’s are critical to use when torrenting because it allows you to hide your identity and even if someone were to get information from the VPN server they could never pin-point the exact origins of the files due to levels of encryption.

*What is Kodi / XBMC?

Kodi is an open source media player that plays a variety of digital media streams including podcasts, slideshows, and tv/movies.
Kodi is available in over 65 different languages and can be added to many different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux & many others.

Kodi Add-Ons are exactly what they sound like. They are similar to apks you would put on your phone but are created specifically for Kodi to enhance your viewing. These are features and functions that are not stock or standard on Kodi and are written by third-party developers/coders in python. Kodi Add-Ons will include video website streams, playlists, scrapers, and scripts.

*Video Website Streams
Kodi has the ability to seek out streams on the internet by utilizing scripts to search for specific metadata.

A scraper is a tool that goes to the internet and pulls metadata from websites for information and artwork. This is used to import thumbnails, posters, fanart, and covers for music, movies, and TV shows.

Lines of code that tell Kodi Add-On exactly what it needs to do.

*Types of Kodi Streams

  • HD: High Definition Stream
  • SD: Standard Definition Stream
  • HQ: High Quality Stream
  • MQ: Medium Quality Stream
  • LQ: Low Quality Stream
  • CAM: bootleg taken at the movie theater from the seats
  • TS: Telesync is a bootleg taken at the movie theater from the screening booth.

The majority of the year you will not find HD content for movies still in theater. The reason why is because most the time you cannot get your hands on the digital copy and the best we can do is Cams and Telesync.

*Screener Season

There is a special time of year that typically takes place around late December to mid-February where you can find special DVD quality copies of movies in theater; this is referred to as Screener Season. The reason why you are able to find them during Screener Season is because the movies are being considered for awards such as the Oscars. Special copies are sent out to the voters so they can view all movies up for an award and vote properly. Luckily for the streaming world these Screeners always happen to find their way to BitTorrent sites and become available to the general public.

*URL Resolver

What is a URL Resolver?
This is an add-on that works in the shadows to click through Captcha’s to prove you are not a robot and pulls the streams when you search for a particular movie or tv show. It is coupled with video add-ons to scrape streams from websites for your viewing pleasure. While many are happy with the streams they receive from their popular video add-ons and are content with the quality there are others that turn to third party companies such as Real Debrid. Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows you to download files quickly. In terms of Kodi it also allows you to stream HD quality streams at faster speeds which cuts down on buffering.

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31 Mar 2017

How to Back Up you’re Kodi set up – The Easy way

Hi guys, today we bring you a great little video tutorial from our main man Dimitrology.
In this one Mr BoomShakalaka shows us the easiest way to back up you’re KODI SetUp Or Build, check it out.

And there we go guys…Boomshakalaka baby, like the man says…
You can subscribe to Dimitrology’s YouTube channel here, great tutorial as ever.
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28 Mar 2017

How to Install Krypton – The Fusion Repo & The NEW Indigo Installer

Hi guys, Today we thought we would show you how to find, download & Install The kodi 17 Media Centre, otherwise known as Krypton.

The Fusion Repo & Finally The NEW Indigo Installer. 

Within which, you will find a myriad of video add-ons, Program Add-Ons, Audio Add-Ons.

A Great Maintenance Section & Cool Selections of popular repos which, are also full of other developers Add-Ons…Which by the end of this tutorial, you will be confident enough to install all on your own.

Kodi is a fantastic piece of FREE Open Source Software that will enable you to watch the Latest Movie Releases, your Favourite Tv Shows, Boxsets & much much more.

This Tutorial is intended for Newbies & we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible in a step by step style, so you can take your time & get it done, with a minimum of stress…..Lets Begin.


Firstly, Head over to the kodi dowloads page & download the appropriate version for the device you wish  Install kodi onto.

Download & Install the correct version for you’re device here.

There are many versions, here’s a Screen Shot Of the others that can be grabbed but you can follow the Link here>kodi downloads & Find the Android, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi & a Few other Versions, have a look to grab the right one for you.

Currently Krypto is The  version ‘name’….. they change from time to time, as they’re updated. Kodi will Update Itself If you set it to do so, enabling you to keep up to date & NOT have to install kodi again after the first Install.


Ok, Now you’ve downloaded the RIGHT version, Lets Begin…

1>Once you’ve downloaded your version & see the kodi icon in your downloads folder, Double click it, just as you would if Installing any other piece of software, you will see this>


2>Hit NEXT, Then I AGREE & allow Kodi to Install. Here you will see a pop up box with a few tick box options, leave them as they are & Hit NEXT>


3>Hit NEXT Again when you see the Install Location pop up box, like this>


4>Next you’ll see the the ‘choose start menu folder‘ pop up box. Here you can leave the tick box unticked, allowing kodi to create a handy shortcut for you to easily find it again.

Screenshot (622)

5>Hit Install & watch kodi Install Itself…Usually only Takes a few minutes, if that>


7>Booyakashah…Kodi is now Installed on your machine & ready to rock & roll.

Screenshot (624)

8>Now you can tick the ‘Run Kodi‘ box & Hit FINISH & begin using your new Kodi media Centre>

It’ll Look something like this, all fresh & new>


Ok, before we go any further, KODI17 now requires you to tick  Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ for you to Install ANY 3rd party Add-Ons,

This is really easy. Just  to the setting screen & hit System Settings


Ok, now we wan to hit Add-Ons


Now just tick the ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable them & thats it


You will now see the ‘warning’…just hit yes


Now if you prefer the old confluence skin from kodi 16(Jarvis), & are more used to that…just head for settings(the little cog)


Head for interface settings


Ok now hit  Skin


Next hit the Get More icon & select confluence, this will give you back the look of Jarvis (KODI 16)


Now you will see kodi asking you if you would like to keep the new skin, hit yes


Now you’re KODI will look like Jarvis once again…


Now we are going to Install the Fusion Repo.

Fusion contains a ton of FREE> Programs, Movies, TvSeries, Boxsets, Music Add-Ons & a whole lot more for you to enjoy, 

Lets Begin…

1>Head to SYSTEM on the home screen, like this>


2>Go To FILE MANAGER, like this>


3>Hit ADD SOURCE, like this>


4>Hit NONE, like this>


5>Now you will need to type in the Fusion source URL EXACTLY, Here it is >http://fusion.tvaddons.ag & hit DONE>


6>Highlight the lower box.

This is where you can type in the name of your new media source, here we’ll use .fusion & Hit DONE


7>When you’ve done that, you’ll see this screen…Hit OK, like this>


That’s the Fusion Repository Installed.


Installing the Indigo Add-On Installer>

8>Once you’ve completed these steps, head back to the home screen & go to SYSTEM once again, like this>


9>Hit ADD-ONS, like this>


10>Now we want to Hit INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE, like this>


11>Here we want to Hit FUSION, like this>


12> Next Hit START HERE, like this>


13>next Hit plugin.program.indigo-1.0.2.zip (formerly Add-On Installer)


14> Wait for the ADD-ON ENABLED notification.

15>That’s the Indigoo Add-On Installer also Installed.

Now Return to the homescreen once again & head to PROGRAMS, Like This>


16>Go To the Indigo Add-On, like this>


Lets have a quick look inside

17>Now Open Up Indigo & you will see the 1st run notification


In here you will find the various sections from the Add-On Installer, to a great maintenance section, Network SpeedTester(handy), Log Viewer & many others.



That’s It Guys, Job Done.

Kodi Installed…Fusion Installed, & the Indigo Installer Installed & ready to go.

Load Up Your Kodi Set Up, with Which Ever content suites your requirements. Hit any one of these Add-Ons in the Indigo Installer & Hit Install.

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22 Mar 2017

How to Use Simple IPTV Multi for kodi

Hi guys, today we will show you How to use Simple IPTV Multi client for you’re kodi device…

A neat little add-on that will enable you not only to play you’re sasiptv streams but also you’re back up channels…through the same epg.

Now this is a little experimental & has been tested on a Windows Pc so far…FireStick Users, some Phone user’s will have issues here.

Within the sasrepo there are now files for all Operating systems, but as of yet we have not tested them all, so be aware this may not be a solution for all, device dependant.

There are Android & iOS files within the sasrepo now under the heading ‘Binary-Repo-Master’, which contains all the necessary files…. It actually does, but on testing so far….windows is the only os I have got to, that is working. The versions within the file are for ALL operating systems…we just havnt tested them all………..yet.


Ok, lets crack on & get this one in & up & running.

1/ In this tutorial, i am starting at the beginning, as in adding the sasrepo by source/ If you already have sasiptv add-on installed & configured.

Firstly just head into system/add-ons/my add-ons/pvr clients/Disable PVR Simple Client…

This will just disable the sasiptv playlist, temporarily, while we go ahead & get Simple IPTV Multi Installed.




2/ Ok now want to head to the kodi home screen & head for file manager




3/ Ok now we want to head for add source




4/ Now lets hit the top box where it says None




5/ Now lets enter the sasrepo source & hit Done




6/ Ok Now we hit the lower box & give our source a name, here ive used .sasrepo, which will pop it to the top of any lists, then hit Ok




7/ Ok, now lets head back to the home screen once again




8/ Ok now we want to head for Add-Ons




9/ Now we want to head for Install from zip file




10/ Now lets navigate to where the source file you just added is, & open it.




11/ Ok now we want to hit Binary-Repo-Master to open it up




12/ Now…I am on a windows Pc, so I will hit WIN_32/ (For other Operating Systems please test yourselves)




13/ Now we want to hit pvr.iptvsimple.multi




14/ Ok now lets head for pvr.iptvsimple.multi-3.0.2.zip & hit it




15/ Now if you head back one step to Add-Ons…head into My Add-Ons/PVR Clients, you will see pvr simple client multi right there, installed & ready to input you’re settings.




16/ So, lets now right click on the pvr IPTV simple client multi  & open up the context menu…

Now hit settings, this is where we are going to enter both our urls. One for sasiptv+epg…1 for sasiptv back up streams+epg




20/ Ok so now lets head straight for the SOURCE side & set the number of Urls we want to use.

Here we will put 2 sources as we will be using both the sasiptv main url & the back up. First we will add the main sasiptv Url.

  • Set the location at Remote Path
  • Enter the sasiptv url sent to you in you’re New A/C Information
  • remember to tick the cache m3u at local storage option





21/ Ok, now scroll down to the next section, where we will enter the Epg Url sent to you in you’re New A/C Information

  • Location needs to be at Remote Path, again
  • Enter you’re sasiptv Epg Url, (again sent to you in you’re New A/C Information)
  • Tick the cache XMLTV at local storage & Tick the Apply Time Shift to all Channels option also




22/ Ok guys now we want to scroll down a little further. This is where we are going to enter our sasiptv back up Url

  • Location should be set at Remote Path(once again)
  • Enter you’re sasiptv back up url
  • Tick the cache at local storage option
  • Leave the rest as is




23/ Ok, now we want to scroll down a little further to enter our back up epg

  • Set Location to Remote Path(once again)
  • Enter the sasiptv back up epg Url shown below
  • Tick the cache at local storage & Tick Apply Time Shift To All Channels
  • Leave the rest as is guys(channel logos etc)




24/ Skip across to the General side of the settings

Numbering channels starts at 1

Tick cache xmltv at local storage

Leave the rest as is guys




25/ Now hit Ok & you should see the PVR needs to restart pop up notification




25/ Next you should see all the sasiptv main channels+the back up channels loading up. All 393 of them.




26/ Ok, lets head back to the Home screen & see whats there under ‘TV’




27/ Hit the Guide Or Tv section & Scroll ALL the way down to the bottom…..

How many channels….. Yup, 393




28/ IF for any reason you don’t seem to be getting the channels loading up…DOUBLE CHECK you have entered the Urls EXACTLY.

IF you have entered the correct details the channels WILL load.

To be sure you can head back to System/PVR Clients/




29/ Now under the general tab in the PVR section…scroll down & hit Clear Data




This will clear all current epg data & begin immediately to pull in both Playlists that we entered earlier. 

That’s pretty much it guys. Remember the back ups are exactly that & provided at no extra cost to sasiptv clients. It is part of sasiptv’s ongoing developement & as such will change from time to time. This will at least give you the option to load both lists…into one guide.

If you decide you would prefer to JUST have the sasiptv Playlist up & running, head back to System/Add-Ons/my Add-Ons/PVR Clients & disable the Multi IPTV simple client & Re Enable the PVR simple Client 1 & hit ok. you should again see the PVR needs to restart notification. 

A big shout must go out to the developement team on this one, great stuff enchamweni…as always 😉

Great work also by the kodinerds team, from where the multi IPTV simple client is sourced, thx guys.

Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter here, Or on Facebook here.

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20 Mar 2017

sasiptv WiFi TipsNTricks

sasiptv WiFi TipsNTricks


What is WIFi?

The term Wi-Fi refers specifically to the IEEE 802.11 set of standards for wireless networks. Several different standards are designated by a letter suffix on the 802.11, such as in 802.11g or 802.11n. In general all of the 802.11 standards operate on either a 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio frequency. 5GHz has much greater speed capability but a reduced range; generally speaking the lower a frequency the further it will travel, so don’t expect miracles if you switch to 5GHz.
A key thing to note here is that if ANY device uses the older “b” standard then ALL devices *could* have their speed reduced to 11mbps on “g” networks, depending on your router. This really applies to older equipment or cheap equipment with old parts used in it….. think cheap chinese droid boxes.  I haven’t seen any myself for a while, but just keep it in mind.

WiFi Killers

Wireless transmissions are all covered by some basic rules and generally speaking obstacles reduce the signal strength, therefore the more walls a signal has to pass through the weaker it gets. Metal obstructions such as boilers, radiators and pipework will act as blocks, possibly creating “blackspots” in their “shadow”, so router placement is important.
My own house is quite a modern one, built in the last 20 years and some of the construction materials are recycled metal “noggins” and “studding” (internal wall construction) which caused a lot of head scratching with WIFi problems, as well as my boiler sitting centrally in the house creating a big blackspot for my WiFi signal in 2 bedrooms.

Microwaves are big killers of wifi, not true? Fire up your mobile, play a youtube video, stand by microwave and nuke a glass of water or something – watch your wifi signal just vanish!

Improving Your WiFi Speeds

Ok, lets be clear before we start here, there are no magical cures, no apps or bits of software that can alter the either the IEEE standards that govern the wireless protocols and therefore speeds, nor magically boost your line speed by altering a buffer setting – thats just hogwash (and I’m being polite here!). We are therefore left with optimising the layout and position of the router (if you can) and ensuring that you have the best channel settings in relation to neighbouring wifi transmissions. I will demonstrate how this can make a BIG difference.

Positioning Your Router

Often you will be limited on placement, as it needs to go close to the telephone socket, probably the master socket but I have tried my own in different ones with no measurable effects on speed, so don’t be afraid to try.
If you can, position it centrally in your household ideally, easier said than done as this will give a better overall coverage.
If however you are like me, mines stuck at one end of the house. That’s just life i’m afraid.
If its upstairs, place it on the floor if you can, try to think about line of site to where things like your TV etc that will be linking to it are not obscured by radiators or equally effective signal blockers. Don’t be fixated on this, there are ways to work around wifi limitations using powerline adapters which I will cover in another article.

Choosing Your WiFi Channel

[Image: uc?export=view&id=0B-TH--7aeVMJdWtDaEpGM3VKc1k]

Choosing your channel is important, actually, its VERY important, most routers in use will be supplied by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) usually provided free and thus they are cheap, nasty and very poor from a performance perspective. I have a basic ISP provided tplink one – its truly AWFUL, and I have had to piggyback a better one – again, I’ll cover this in another article. As you can see from the above image channels 1, 6 and 11 are not overlapped by any other channels and are therefore your best choice. This is why every ISP ships their router on one of these channels.
Thinking ahead? If a bunch of neighbours are all with Sly, for instance, then their routers are all set the same and you will have reduced performance due to channel clashes.You will need to use an app like WiFi Analyzer– one of my fav little tools I recommended this as a must have Android tool available from the play store, use this to look at whats around you. If you are clear, then no need to mess around.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=0B-TH--7aeVMJbmNUNjMyQ0V1a0E]

Now initially this looks to have slightly less power than in first image, but I think this is down to natural fluctuations of the app I used to test, however, you can clearly see, that channel 1 is much less congested….and so to the speed test as proof.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=0B-TH--7aeVMJSGp1dUpNUEM3RUk]

What a result – almost 3mbps more bandwidth! No twonky apps or gimmicks – just some basic science and a little knowledge. Yes, I do accept not everyone will get these types of gains, the point is to highlight that doing the basic checks can yield some pretty big gains – 3mbps is the difference between having to watch 576 rather than 1080, you decide if its worth an hour of your time.

We hope this helps make things a little clearer guys, Enjoy

Don’t forget you can join us on facebook here, or follow us on Twitter here.

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18 Mar 2017

KODI audio Settings – simplified

Hi guys, here we will show you how to set up the audio for your kodi device, so that it’s performing to it’s  maximum capabilities

Ensuring your tunes pump out nicely & your movies have nice clear audio… at low levels, as well as at max volume.

Firstly there are two audio settings menus within kodi, where you can adjust the audio, which can make things a little confusing, but that’s what we aim to explain here.

The main Audio Settings can be found via SETTINGS/SYSTEM/AUDIO OUTPUT, like this

Screenshot (1049)

1>main audio settings

Audio output device>

This is where we can select which one of the audio outputs from your computer you will be using. Depending on what you select here, some settings further down might be enabled or not.

Number of channels>

If you’re using a digital audio connection, this represents the channels supported by the audio connection; if you’re using  analog, it will represent the number of speakers your system is using.

Output configuration>

This can be set to  to Fixed, Optimized or Best Match. 

Optimized will be set at the start of playback and not change.

Fixed  will be set by the value indicated in settings at all times

Best Match will let you know if properties like sampling rate and speaker configuration will change during playback to match the source

Limit sampling rate If you set fixed output, this indicates the sampling rate. If you are using SPDIF, this is the maximum sampling rate.

Stereo Upmix When enabled, it lets 2-channel audio be up mixed to the number of channels set in Kodi audio settings.

Normalize levels on downmix sometimes called Maintain original volume on downmix This keeps the volume of the stream, at the cost of compressing dynamic range when enabled. When disabled, volume will be lower but the dynamic range will be maintained. 

Bare in mind  the dynamic range is defined as the difference between the quietest and the loudest sounds in an audio source, so if the dialogue in movies is barely audible, enable this one.

Resample quality If you need to have audio sampled at a different rate than the source, this is the option you need to tweak. You can set it on Low, Medium and High.

Keep audio devices alive this one set out the time audio devices will wait before entering a suspended state. It has  has Always (audio devices never suspended) and Off (audio devices always suspended) settings.

Play GUI sounds this one set wether you hear the GUI sounds or not when browsing through the menus. Personally I click this one off.

Enable passthrough Here you can enable passthrough Kodi audio output for encoded audio formats.

Passthrough output device Here you will need to have enabled ‘pass through audio’ & this allows you  this lets you select the device you will use for audio playback of encoded formats.

The formats you could use are selected via this very same menu, and depending on your device. Make sure you select a format compatible with your device to avoid slowness or freezes on your media. You could select> 

Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver.
Enable Dolby Digital Transcoding: (To be selected in case the audio output device only supports multichannel audio.)

Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3) capable receiver.
DTS capable receiver.
TrueHD capable receiver.
DTS-HD capable receiver

2>Audio playback settings

You can access the Audio Playback Settings by hitting the speaker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen during playback, like this>

Screenshot (1052)

Now you will see the Audio Playback Settings menu pop up, like this>

Screenshot (1051)

Audio Playback Settings

Volume sets the volume

Volume amplification  Use the amplification in audio settings to adjust the volume of sources that are very quiet, even if you turn up the volume full blast.

Audio offset This one is for when your video source & audio source seem to be out of sync. with this you can re sync them up easily.

Audio stream Handy for media sources with multiple audio streams, you can choose from here which one you prefer to use.

Stereo upmix, Enable passthrough These are the same as the ones you can set on the main Kodi audio settings.

Enable subtitles, Subtitle offset, Subtitle and Browse for subtitle Are all for subtitle control. To Enable subtitles, sync subtitles, add subtitles or select from a selection of subtitles, depending on what subtitles Add-Ons you may have installed.

Set as default for all videos Like it says…make these settings apply to all videos.

That’s it…We hope this helps explain the Audio Settings setting for kodi a little more, they can be a touch confusing at times.

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18 Mar 2017

KODI – How to Fix Broken-Missing Or Corrupt Dependencies

How to Fix Broken-Missing Or Corrupt Dependencies


This Great little YouTube Tutorial comes from our main man, from across the pond newtechevolution.

You can subscribe to his channel here & it’s well worth it, the guy’s very knowledgable on Kodi & all Android issues & well worth subscribing to.

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